Smart Home

Smart Home envisioned senior care robot service in the upcoming four years. We translated senior behaviours to future scenarios through storytelling, mockup design, filmmaking and co-design workshop to help ITRI, the national industrial technology research institute in Taiwan, innovate robot design.

I was responsible for planning scenario, filmmaking, facilitating workshop and infographic design.

Client | National Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan)

Scenario Ideation
ITRI had already developed new technologies including a health care robot prototype, smart voice assistant, surveillance camera, smart tag and a community property management app that supported the infrastructure of a smart home.

Based on these existing technologies, we ideated user activities to see how these technologies could assist users and how they could communicate with each other.

Defining Design Points
After several iteration, we defined the users and the communication systems of these technologies to plan user scenarios. At the meanwhile, we extended the concept of smart home to community to provide the seniour a more holistic service.

Prototyping through Filmmaking
To simulate the scenarios, I wrote scripts and directed filmmaking in a mock-up theatre. The final films were also used in the co-design workshop to help client provoke new ideas.

Instead of giving specific lines for each role, the scripts only have instructions of certain activities to encourage actors to react to the given situations and interact with the mock-up devices spontaneously. Through acting and filmmaking, every participator in the project was able to improve empathy, to revise service and even to come up with new design alternatives.

Key Scenarios

The scripts were finally developed and categorised into three groups: Daily Life Helper, Social Community and Safety Guard, covering a broad spectrum of senior life.

The use of technology also showed a technological progression of robot from basic voice service to advanced application of avatar.

Co-design Workshop
More than 20 members of Design, Marketing, R&D Team from ITRI participated in the workshop. The films were played to provide insights and stimulate participators to envision new concepts and scenarios.

It was very interesting to see some participants try to tackle controversial issues with new technologies such as using avatar for disabled senior to attend friend’s funeral or developing avatar rental service enabling the senior to shop or visit specific sights at home. The outcomes were posted on a four-year scale timeline to see how current robot can be developed and applied.

Future Forecasting
Refining the outcomes from the workshop, we forecasted how the service can be developed in the coming four years and defined the scenarios.